CDC is 100% owned by the JobCreation Trust.

The strategy is to initially have 4 to 6 key CMT’s (groups that docut, make and trim)in the Western Cape to produce the niche lines of the design housecluster. The target CMT must have at least 100 employees, and service a key retailer, with the objective of injecting Capex working capital and thereby increasing their staff compliment by 60% within 12 months, but those are part of future plans.

After months of planning, CDC has already secured the buy-in for its initial niche lines from groups such as Woolworths and Pick ‘n Pay clothing with others in the pipeline. The niche lines include baby ware, home ware and replenishment items. Involving both design and manufacture in the supply chain, CDC will initially create employment for about 100 employees essentially in the Western Cape. According to Fachmi Abrahamsof the SA Clothing and TextileWorkers’ Union (Sactwu), “This is a wonderful opportunity because it shows that social enterprise works.
Through this initiative, JCT is signalling that the game (in the clothing industry) is changing.”

What has also been significant in this initiative is management’s commitment to the development and social well-being of staff. After encountering a number of problems such as family members of staff struggling with drug addiction and the need for debt counselling, management has engaged the services of social worker to consult with workers to help them work through issues.

When bonuses were paid in February, management organised that it be paid into school fees that were in arrears.

And because the CDC has its investment from JCT, it means that the the design house will be more jobs-driven than profit-driven and this will enable the design house products to be competitively priced. This initiative would not have been possible if not for the added support secured from Clotex, CSIR, and the Provincial Department of Economic Development. CDC has also applied for a DTI Clothing Cluster incentive.

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