A bulk of these contributions came from the workers who donated 1% or one day’s salary to the Job Creation Trust Fund. The JCT was launched on 19 February 1999 at the Parktonian Hotel in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The JCT is governed by the Trust Deed which was signed on 3 February 1999.

The Primary objective of the Trust is Job Creation and subsidiary objectives are to target projects in all the Provinces with beneficiaries including women, youth, and rural poor. Health education (HIV) and literacy and differently abled people also form part of the Trust’s subsidiary objective. The initial funds raised in 1998/1999 amounted to R89 million (audited). JCT has not received any further funding since this initial contribution of R89 million.

Job Creation Trust has funded well over 110 projects in all nine Provinces and Sectors to the value of over R140 million and continues to fund various projects.