SECOPA is a manufacturing business model based in the shipping containers, it is premised on the fact that South Africa has a pool of highly skilled machinist and manufactures that have acquired their skills from their Job training. However they lack formal education to acquire front-end skills of company management.

They released that this limits their career growth within the company but also their ability to start up their own businesses or to effectively market their skill if they were to be retrenched. This project was initiated with the view of filling this void and enabling skilled operators to own businesses while being mentored to acquire these skills.

The project model will enable the beneficiaries to operate under a branded company whilst learning front end skills such as; Marketing, cash flow, management, job costing etc so they can operate independently. The emphasis is on the creation of small, dedicated and profitable manufacturing projects with a strong sense of participation and ownership.


A loan amount of R 854.000.00 was deposited directly into MATPLAST for the purchase of an HDPE pipe Extrusion Machine, which was bought on behalf of SECOPA and will be owned by the JCT, until the loan amount is fully paid by the project


the total of jobs to be created is 17 direct jobs , these jobs will be created as follows; the process of operating the machine will require 4 persons per shift and they will have 3 shifts as the process of the initial setup of the machine is rather lengthy so in order to for them to run the process profitably 3 shifts 7 days a week for an average of 28 days a month, these means it will require 17 people on a shift rotating bases, and an estimated 51 indirect jobs will be created as follows the will need 4 marketing and sales people 6 office support people and i plant maintenance person the other 40 odd jobs will be created by means of material supply people as the blades are made out of recycled plastic they expect to get sources from local recyclers in SOWETO

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